Entertainment & Design

Our portfolio consists of some of the best artists and professionals in the entertainment industry – from dancers and acrobats, to circus personnel and unique show performers

We work closely with professional choreographers, to ensure the provided services are of the highest level


We collaborate with highly qualified singers and musicians to guarantee outstanding musical performances

We put emphasis on designing exceptional costumes, that fit the theme of the event. While outfits can be specifically tailored we also have exclusive access to theater wardrobe houses. This enables us to reconcile our clients expectations with their budgets.

We always create a tailored atmosphere through lighting and other special effects to set the appropriate mood and highlight our thrilling show elements

We have excellent connections to an array of caterers, to ensure the food presentation matches the event theme, as well as our entertainment related aims and expectations

We work only with highly recognized decorators and florists who have already proven themselves capable of meeting our high standards.

We pay particular attention to set design – creating theme focused stages for our performers and bringing the venue to life